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    Hide details for City ClerkCity Clerk
    Backyard Chickens
    Cereal Malt Beverage License
    CityRide Facts
    CityRide Rules and Regulations
    Dog and Cat Regulations
    Drinking Establishment/Private Club
    Garage Sales
    Licensing A Home Business
    Licensing A Home Day Care
    Massage Establishment
    Massage Establishment/Employee Permit
    New Business Guide
    Open Records Brochure
    Parking: Spanish Version
    Shawnee 101
    Solicitors Guide
    Special Animal Permit
    Hide details for City CouncilCity Council
    Public Comments at City Meetings
    Hide details for CodesCodes
    General Fence Guidelines
    Grading Permit Application Guidelines
    Neighborhood Quality, Preservation and Improvement
    Permit Application Guidelines for Decks
    Hide details for PlanningPlanning
    Commercial Building Design Standards
    Downtown Business Incentive
    Downtown Improvement Grant Program
    Downtown Loan Incentive Program
    Industrial and Office/Warehouse Building Design
    Multi-Family Amenity Policy
    Multi-Family Design Standards
    Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Rebate Program - Commercial
    Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Rebate Program - Residential
    Office Building Design Standards
    Special Event Permit
    Special Use Permit
    Hide details for PolicePolice
    Dangerous and Potentially Dangerous Animal
    False Alarm Prevention for Businesses
    Police Department Mentoring Program
    Police K9 Unit
    Top Ten Laws Pertaining to a Drinking Establishment
    Hide details for Public WorksPublic Works
    Pool and Spa Water Disposal
    Hide details for Stormwater UtilityStormwater Utility
    Stormwater Pollution Prevention
    Swimming Pool Water Disposal