Economic Incentives
    Economic Incentives

    Promoting a healthy business environment is a high priority for the City of Shawnee. We have developed a variety of economic development tools available to both new and existing businesses. Depending on your business goals and unique situation, we can help you to tailor these programs to be used as either a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with State of Kansas economic development tools.

    We invite you to review these programs and opportunities which can be found at the State of Kansas Department of Commerce website. Please contact Ann Smith-Tate at (913) 631-6545, with the Shawnee Economic Development Council, to begin your good partnership with the City of Shawnee!

    Community Improvement District (CID)
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    The Community Improvement District Act was recently passed by the State of Kansas and Shawnee has quickly adopted policies to allow this exciting type of economic development tool. A CID is designed to finance public or private facilities, improvements or services for an area determined in partnership between the City and landowners. In many ways, CIDs are similar to home associations - providing shared improvements and services paid with revenue generated from a sales tax and/or property assessment initiated by the owners within the District.

    Policy Statement PS-61 (pdf)
    CID Application (pdf)
    Concepts and Mechanics Kansas Community Improvement Districts (pdf)

    Shawnee Downtown Partnership (SDP)
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    It is important to our community to maintain a vibrant downtown area. The Downtown Partnership has created an array of programs including tax rebates, grants and loans designed to incent improvements in downtown that will enhance the viability of the entire area.

      Policy Statement PS-47 (pdf)
      Shawnee Downtown Partnership - additional programs and information

      Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Rebate Program (NRA)
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      In an effort to encourage redevelopment in the established areas of the City, the Shawnee Governing Body has identified a portion of the City where certain types of new construction and improvements to residential, office, commercial and industrial structures may be eligible for a ten year property tax rebate.

      Neighborhood Revitalization - additional information
      Map of Designated Areas

      Tax Abatements and Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRB)
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      It is of critical importance to have a strong partnership with private industry to provide employment for the high quality work force in our community. The City offers an aggressive and flexible tax exemption policy.

      Policy Statement PS-21 (pdf)
      IRB Application (pdf)

      Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
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      The City is excited to offer a TIF policy that can promote, stimulate and develop the general and economic welfare and quality of life within the City. The City will work with property owners and end developers to put together a public private partnership that will use the property at its maximum economic potential. Property and or sales taxes over and above (incremental) the amount collected within the district before establishment may be used to finance improvements within the district.

      Policy Statement PS-50 (pdf)
      TIF Application (pdf)
      Kansas TIF Book (pdf)

      Transportation Development District (TDD)
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      A TDD is designed to finance public or private transportation improvements in partnership between the City and landowners. The improvements are paid for by revenue generated from a sales tax and/or property assessment initiated by the owners within the District.

      Policy Statement PS-61 (pdf)
      TDD Application (pdf)