Human Resources Division
Human Resources Division

Human Resources Director
Liz Crawford Barnard
11110 Johnson Drive
Shawnee, KS 66203
Phone: (913) 742-6013
Fax: (913) 742-6396

The Human Resources Division oversees recruiting, testing, hiring, and promotional processes; is responsible for pay plan and employee benefit administration; and monitors worker's compensation claims.

Before you apply

    Please note that the City of Shawnee is an E-Verify Employer. Applicants must possess current legal authorization to work in the U.S. The City of Shawnee also adheres to the Employee Rights Under the Revised Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). If you have questions or for more information, please contact a member of the City of Shawnee's Human Resources staff.

Employment Opportunities
    Online applications are available for positions for which we are recruiting and can be found on our Job Openings web page. To be notified of open positions with the City of Shawnee that you may be interested in, sign up through our Job Categories page.

    For more information on the following positions, please click the link below:
    Police Officer

    A completed employment application is required to apply for any job with the City of Shawnee. Resumes, cover letters and related materials are appreciated but cannot be used in lieu of a City employment application. Applicants who are offered employment with the City must successfully complete a background investigation, post-offer physical and drug screen.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ensures you the right to reasonable accommodations. A request for an accommodation will not affect your opportunities for employment with the City of Shawnee. Arrangements will be made if you have a disability that requires an accommodation for completing an application form, interviewing, or any other part of the employment process. It is your responsibility to make your needs known; contact the Human Resources Division by E-Mail or call (913) 742-6252.

    EOE M/F

City of Shawnee Employee Benefits

Benefits Summary at a Glance

Health Insurance
    City of Shawnee employees may participate in a comprehensive health insurance plan offered in 2015/2016 through Cigna Medical Insurance.

Dental Insurance
    City of Shawnee employees may choose to participate in the dental insurance plan offered through Delta Dental of Kansas

Vision Insurance
    The City offers employees a voluntary participation vision plan through Surency.
Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS / KP&F)
    All eligible employees are enrolled in either the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) or the Kansas Police & Fire Retirement System (KP&F). Employee contribution percentages of gross wages are set by the State of Kansas. City contributions are actuarially determined each year and are a higher percentage than contributed by the employee.
City Supplemental Retirement Plans
    The City of Shawnee offers a supplemental pension plan to employees which allows employees the opportunity to enhance retirement benefits available under KPERS or KP&F. The supplemental pension plan was designed for a total combined retirement benefit not to exceed 85% of an employee's final average salary. Any employee not eligible to receive a benefit under this plan due to the 85% maximum limitation will receive a one-time $10,000 lump sum payment.

    An employee's supplemental retirement benefit is a percentage of their Average Monthly Compensation multiplied by the number of years of service with the City. Average Monthly Compensation is based on an average of the highest three of the last 10 years of service prior to retirement or termination.

Deferred Compensation
    The City of Shawnee participates in the State of Kansas Deferred Compensation Program. Deferred compensation is an optional plan that allows employees to postpone receiving part of their current salary until retirement. Employees pay no federal income taxes on the salary deferred or on any investment earnings until received.

Life Insurance
    The City of Shawnee offers life insurance through Cigna Insurance. The City pays 100% of the individual premiums.

Paid Holidays
    The City of Shawnee provides employees the following paid holidays:

      New Years Day
      Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
      Presidents Day
      Memorial Day
      Independence Day
      Labor Day
      Veterans Day
      Thanksgiving Day
      Thanksgiving Holiday (following Friday)

Personal Day
    Employees are eligible for one personal leave day after completing one full year of full time employment. Personal days may not be carried over from year to year. Employees may opt to be paid in lieu of taking the day off.

Vacation Leave
    Accrual schedule for regular full-time, non-firefighter positions:
Years of
Accrual Accumulation per Pay Period
Accumulation per Year
0 to 1
3.08 hours
80.08 hours
2 to 3
3.70 hours
96.2 hours
4 to 7
4.62 hours
120.12 hours
8 to 11
5.54 hours
144.04 hours
12 to 15
6.77 hours
176.02 hours
16 to 19
7.08 hours
184.08 hours
20+ years
7.70 hours
200.2 hours
    Accrual schedule for regular part-time positions:
Three-Quarter Time
Years of
Accrual Accumulation per Pay Period
Accumulation per Year
Accrual Accumulation per Pay Period
Accumulation per Year
0 to 1
1.54 hours
40.04 hours
2.4 hours
62.4 hours
2 to 3
1.85 hours
48.10 hours
2.77 hours
72.02 hours
4 to 7
2.31 hours
60.06 hours
3.47 hours
90.22 hours
8 to 11
2.77 hours
72.02 hours
4.16 hours
108.16 hours
12 to 15
3.39 hours
88.14 hours
5.08 hours
132.08 hours
16 to 19
3.54 hours
92.04 hours
5.31 hours
138.06 hours
20+ years
3.85 hours
100.10 hours
5.77 hours
150.02 hours
    Accrual schedule for shift firefighter positions:
Years of
Accrual Accumulation per Pay Period
Accumulation per Year
0 to 1
4.31 hours
112.06 hours
2 to 3
5.28 hours
137.28 hours
4 to 7
6.43 hours
167.18 hours
8 to 11
7.94 hours
206.44 hours
12 to 15
9.46 hours
245.96 hours
16 to 19
10.20 hours
265.20 hours
20+ years
10.97 hours
285.22 hours

Sick Leave Accrual
    Accrual Accumulation per Pay Period
    Accumulation per Year
    3.7 hours
    96.2 hours
    Part-Time (3/4 time)
    2.78 hours
    72.28 hours
    Part-time (1/2 time)
    1.85 hours
    48.1 hours
    Shift Firefighter
    5.17 hours
    134.42 hours


Section 125
    The City of Shawnee offers a Section 125 plan in accordance with Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, whereby employees may have money for medical and dental insurance premiums, medical reimbursement and dependent care deducted from their paychecks tax deferred and set aside into a special account. Employees then submit receipts for eligible expenses incurred and are reimbursed from the money in their accounts.

Tuition Reimbursement
    Employees are eligible for reimbursement for tuition and books for college credit courses taken to help improve their performance in their current position or better prepare them for promotion to related and higher level positions. Maximum reimbursement amounts are determined by your employment status.
Employee Assistance Program
    The City has contracted with New Directions Employee Assistance Program to provide short term counseling for family issues, marital conflict, divorce adjustment, conflicts in the workplace, step family concerns, grief recovery, communication difficulties, psychological/ emotional problems, substance abuse, and financial or legal problems. The program is confidential.
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